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Hosted by Greg Bray and Kevin Weitzel

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We invite you to tune in each week to listen to our Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, hosted by Greg Bray, President of Blue Tangerine, and Kevin Weitzel, Partner with Business Development Focus at Outhouse.

Listen in as they talk with industry experts and your fellow home builder marketers to learn how you can succeed in our incredibly competitive digital world.


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Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast Blog

Podcast: Social Media Strategies for Home Builders – Courtney Stewart20240515000139
Podcast: No Leads Left Behind With an OSC – Felicia Berry20240508000150
Podcast: Maintaining a Strong Home Builder Website – Dennis O’Neil20240501000134
Podcast: The Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing – Mindy Lepp20240424000129
Podcast: Learning From Other Home Builder Experts – Jim Work20240417000129
Podcast: Fostering Trust With Homebuyers – Hayley Selden20240410000141
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