5 Insightful GA4 Reports20230331070045

5 Insightful GA4 Reports

Jenn HethcoatMarch 31, 2023
Podcast: Balancing Technology and Human Connection – Nick Chitty20230329000116
Podcast: The Benefits of Understanding Analytics – Caroline Ashe20230322000114
Research on Home Buyers and How to Build Trust20230320040008
Podcast: Trust Between Builders and Realtors – Kim Guley20230315000112
Podcast: 2023 International Builders’ Show Recap – Greg Bray and Kevin Weitzel20230308000126
Podcast: Understanding Today’s New Home Buyer – Alisa Poncher20230301000154
Podcast: Online Buying Behavior Research Study – Blue Tangerine20230222000155
Real Estate Market Trends on Home Buyer Attitudes20230220040011
Podcast: Small Changes Can Lead to Big Results – Samantha Ostert20230215000118