Podcast: Creating Impactful Visual Content – Jacob Bettis

Jacob Bettis

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Jacob Bettis of Insignia Studios joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how strategic planning can help home builders create, share, and track impactful visual content.

When home builders decide to produce and publish video content, they are choosing to connect with customers on a much deeper level. Jacob says,

“What you’re actually doing is you’re making a much larger commitment to your business of communicating with people in a different way. Which is really what video is. It’s a communication tool. It’s the most potent form of communication. You get to evoke more emotion than any text on the screen or any photo because you have audio, you have title work on the screen. You can put humans speaking to other humans. You can show the actual process.”

Home builders can often miss the mark because they do not have an effective plan to use visual content to significantly influence their businesses. Jacob explains,

“The thing that I see most often is that they don’t have much of a strategy. Their video tends to be pretty aimless. They do engage with somebody who isn’t helping them put together a bigger plan for their business.”

Home builders should consider how visual content will generate results for their business. Jacob says,

“…spend some more time planning, not just that one video, but more importantly, where is it going to live. How is it going to be a part of a series or how is it going to actually benefit your business?”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how home builders can get the most benefit from their visual content.

About the Guest:

Jacob is the Co-founder and Executive Producer at Insignia Studios, a video production & digital marketing agency that focuses on designing, developing, and distributing video content that actually gets results for your brand.

Prior to founding Insignia Studios, Jacob held senior leadership positions at both Trulia.com and Zillow.com where he transformed the way most people search for homes online. Specifically, the last 3.5 years at Zillow Group were spent on the New Ventures Team which was responsible for piloting and scaling new products and services.

Jacob and his team of creatives are now focused on bringing scalable high-end video marketing to everyone in the building space.