Podcast: No Leads Left Behind With an OSC – Felicia Berry

Felicia Berry

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Felicia Berry of Viera Builders joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how online sales counselors can bridge the gap between home builder sales and marketing teams to ensure no leads are left behind.

The Online Sales Counselor role can complement home builder sales and marketing teams. On the marketing side, an OSC helps understand where spending will be most valuable. Felicia says,

“You want your marketing dollars to be going to something that’s working. And if you don’t know that, then you’re just throwing away money. You don’t even know you’re throwing away the money. But now with the OSC position, where we can track all that data, we know we’re not throwing away money because we’ve gotten rid of the things that aren’t working.”

On the sales side, an OSC helps funnel significant leads to the sales team. Felicia explains,

“I’m going to take all of the people that are, not really a lead, not really a qualified lead off your plate, and I’m going to do all the legwork for you and then hand you, on a silver platter, a qualified lead that you would have gotten anyway. You just didn’t have to sift through the sand to find them. That frees up their time to really just concentrate on the leads, the good, qualified leads…”

The most significant aspect of having an OSC is that they can help ensure that no lead gets overlooked. Felicia says,

“It allows you to shore up that sales process and follow-up and follow-up after their follow-up to make sure that no lead gets left behind. Where before you don’t know what’s happening. You toss it out there and you hope that somebody picks it up in the wind. There’s so much that your marketing team and your sales team can do to work together to have a better customer journey, and the OSC is that person to make that happen.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how an OSC can improve home builder sales and marketing.

About the Guest:

Felicia raised her three kids on her own for the past 22 years. She just got married in October and has three grown kids and two grandkids. Her new husband has three grown kids. They are now the Brady Bunch. Fun fact, they both have a kid named Justin, haha.

She worked at Viera Builders for 5 years and became the Online Sales Counselor one year ago this week. she was the Lead Marketing Coordinator before that, and in Graphic Design for 15 years before that. She wanted to move into sales so she got her real estate license. Her boss asked her about the possibility of the OSC position and thought Felicia would be the perfect candidate for it coming from the marketing side and working closely with the sales team for years. Felicia attended a four-day OSC seminar in Clearwater, FL where she met Leah Fellows. Viera Builders hired Leah to help establish the new OSC position and to train Felicia. Viera also decided to ditch our CRM and move to Lasso at the same time.

Felicia trained with Leah for four months training on Lasso at the same time and in turn trained the sales team on Lasso and then started taking leads. She has been taking leads now for almost 8 months and has contributed over 23 million in sales thus far. Felicia LOVES her job and this new role. It was a much-needed role for Viera. Having a hand in marketing and a hand in sales is perfect for Her. After being the OSC for only two months, Felicia submitted for Rookie OSC of the Year and won a Silver Nationals Award! She created a series of videos for her role to use in her follow-up, one of them is on the website as an intro to the OSC, and she is looking forward to creating more in the future and really leaning into owning this role.