Podcast: Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast: Year Anniversary

Have you heard of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast? I have the privilege of hosting this podcast, along with my colleague and friend, Kevin Weitzel, VP of Business Development and Sales at Outhouse. We meet each week with home builder marketing experts to discuss the ever-changing trends in home builder marketing to help you succeed in our incredibly competitive digital world. 

One year ago today, we took the leap and pressed ‘live’ on our home builder podcast, not knowing where things would go. Now, 55 episodes later, we are still going strong. If you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, now is a perfect time as we celebrate our one-year anniversary. We want to give a special thanks to all of our featured guests for sharing their home builder industry knowledge with each of you. We also want to thank our listeners for following along on our journey. We hope we have been able to grow your knowledge and shared tips to boost your business. To recap this first year, check out the top 5 downloaded podcast episodes:  

Top 5 Downloaded Episodes from this Year

5.) Shifting to Digital Marketing to Accommodate Customers – Laura Hanson

Episode 34 features Laura Hanson from New Tradition Homes. We discuss her journey into the world of home building as the daughter of a builder. Laura also shares her strategies while shifting to digital marketing to accommodate the customer’s ever-evolving needs. 


Laura Hanson
Carol Morgan

4.) Importance of Creating a PR and Social Media Plan – Carol Morgan

During episode 11, we talked with social media all-star Carol Morgan, Founder, and President of Denim Marketing. We discuss the importance of having a strategic marketing plan, the difference between PR and social media, and much more. Carol has built a career on listening to clients and personalizing plans to fit each client’s needs while creating big-picture marketing strategies. She utilizes public relations, advertising, social media, content, reputation management, and creativity to send traffic to the client’s website and garner measurable results. 


3.) Understanding Your Value Proposition – Jennifer Cooper

Episode 35 welcomed Jennifer Cooper from Truland Homes. We discussed the importance of understanding your value proposition as well as how to discover your brand influence and what your company stands for.


Jennifer Cooper
Angela McKay


2.) Re-evaluating the Value of Email Marketing – Angela McKay

In episode 7, we had a great discussion with Angela McKay, the VP of Client Experience at Lasso CRM, regarding email marketing. Angela has a range of expertise within marketing and the home builder industry, but email is her passion. She drops excellent advice on how to step up your email marketing and details how giving respect and nurturing your database can pay off in dividends. Personalization, auto-response, frequency, engagement are just a few email topics that we cover with Angela.


1.) Embracing Change in Home Builder Marketing – Ronda Conger

Ronda Conger of CBH Homes brought amazing energy and insights to episode 31 of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast. We explored how to embrace the ever-evolving world of Home Builder Marketing. Not only does Ronda share some incredible marketing strategies for home builders, but she also shares inspiration, focused on reaching your goals — both in life and in business.


Ronda Conger

Join us each week as we feature new guest and topics to educate, inspire and grow. 

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