New Website Launch: Fortunoff Fine Jewelry


Congratulations to Fortunoff Jewelry on their stunning new website. Knowing the importance of website optimization in ecommerce, Fortunoff Jewelry teamed with Blue Tangerine to create a site that makes the shopping experience easy and FUN!

Check it out for yourself and be sure to carve out some time, because it’s an enjoyable site to browse. CAUTION: Blue Tangerine cannot be held responsible for money spent to spoil yourself or someone you know with the gorgeous jewelry found on the site.

As always, Blue Tangerine worked to understand the needs of Fortunoff Jewelry and their customers. Not only is the site easy for customer navigation, but it’s also easy for the Fortunoff Jewelry team to administer as it’s integrated with an external order and inventory management system.

Notable features:

  • Personalized Wish Lists
  • A series of Lookbooks to express styling options
  • A helpful Gift guide that’s easy to sort based on recipient, budget and category
  • Mobile-friendly & responsive design
  • Searchable inventory
  • Easy-to-use navigation

Explore Fortunoff Jewelry’s beautiful new site!

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