Podcast: Brent Niemuth – Integrating Offline and Online Branding

Brent Niemuth Digital Velocity - Episode 15

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Brent Niemuth of J.Schmid joins Erik and Tim to discuss the secret sauce of branding and how to integrate offline and online branding.

Brent explains why companies should invest in effective branding. He says the

“Simple answer is because if you don’t, if you don’t invest in your brand, if you don’t invest in good design, good creative, other brands will. You will stand still and the other brands will pass you by. The ones who do invest in it.”

Brent says that all companies have a brand, whether they invest in it or not. He says that branding is,

“simply the perception of what other people think of you, right? So, if you spend no time or effort, or money on your brand, there’s still gonna be a perception of you in the marketplace. It’s just going to be controlled by other people. They will determine who you are. They will determine what they think of you and suddenly you’ve lost control. I would much rather be in the driver’s seat and dictate how I want you to perceive me. So, yeah. It’s so logical and makes so much sense. It’s hard to believe that there are folks still out there that ask the question, why should I invest in my brand?”

Listen to this week’s episode to discover expert tips about improving and implementing branding both offline and online.

About the Guest:

Brent Niemuth is President & Partner at J.Schmid in Kansas City, a leading creative and branding agency specializing in direct-to-consumer marketing. Brent has gained a national reputation for challenging industry norms and is known for his strong belief that brands need to be more human. He is an award-winning designer and highly sought-after speaker on the topics of creativity, design and branding and has been helping build brands such as Microsoft, House of Blues, Reebok, Jockey, Sheraton & Westin Hotels, and Disney Resorts for over 30 years. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas and still claims to be the fifth Beatle.