Podcast: Business Development for Home Builders – Mike Dildine and Jared Maybon

Mike Dildine and Jared Maybon of Build Better on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Mike Dildine and Jared Maybon of Build Better join Greg and Kevin to discuss how focusing on business development can help home builder business owners gain control of their businesses, enjoy being home builders again, and increase revenue.

Business owners, particularly those in the home building industry, have a difficult time relinquishing any control of the business to a team. Mikes says,

“Business owners don’t work with leadership teams, construction business owners especially. So many of them hold everything to their chest and don’t wanna let go of anything and carry all of the weight on their shoulders.”

If a home builder business owner can create a team of experts, the pressure of doing it all by oneself can be greatly lifted. Mike explains,

“You can still lead with confidence. You can create vision, but you don’t have to have all the answers. There’s other people around you that are just as smart and quite often way smarter than you are when it comes to this or to that or whatever. And so, man, I would encourage construction business owners all over if you’re doing things on your own, go out and find this leadership team, this head of sales, this head of finance, and don’t try to wear all the hats yourself. Build a team, work together, and that’s when your business is really gonna start to take off.”

Once a team is in place, they can promote owner delegation by implementing effective processes. Jared says,

“…if you wanna help a leader let go of stuff, you’ve gotta put systems in place that give them confidence that when they let go of something, they’re not just trusting a fallible human being, but they’re trusting a system and a process that’s been documented and put in place and can be recorded and tracked with hard, cold data. And that doesn’t sound very fun or sexy or exciting. But it’s the absolute truth.”

Owners must foster an environment of learning, change, and growth to help the business reach its full potential. Jared explains,

“Make that leap, make that investment. There’s a reason that professional athletes have coaches, right? To involve yourself with a coach, with a system that’s outside of your system that has that objective look, that objective view…it’s the only way you’ll ever induce growth in an organization. Otherwise, you become stagnant, a pond with no movement, no fresh air, no fresh water. So, reaching out and bringing sources into your organization to improve, to get better.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how business development can help improve home builder business owners.

About the Guest:


Mike is a builder of almost two decades in Boise, Idaho. After struggling with his homebuilding business for almost 12 years, hovering at around $2-3 million a year, working long hours, and dealing with the same problems over and over, Mike finally broke through with his building company!

He managed to 10x his business from $3 million to almost $40 million in just 4 years. During that time, he was able to build teams and systems that turned his construction business into a self-managed company. Mike still builds today but is able to passively manage his growing business with just 5-10 hours/week of time.

With his newfound freedom of time, Mike has become a passionate business development coach for builders. Mike has developed a powerful program that shares his journey with others. Everything he did incredibly right. Crucial mistakes to avoid.  And the one key that finally helped him break through!  His passion is to help other builders in their own desires to improve and grow their businesses.


Academically, Jared holds a bachelor’s degree in English teaching, a master’s degree in leadership, and is engaged in doctoral studies in adult collaborative models while conducting research in learning behaviors with refugee and homeless populations.

Professionally, Jared has spent the past 7 years in the new home construction and real estate industry where he enjoyed speaking on national stages to industry leaders on topics surrounding business development, employee engagement, leadership, and work/life balance.

Jared recently resigned from his position as CEO of Highland Homes where he helped expand efforts into multiple markets and saw the company through 250% revenue growth over 5 years. His greatest joy during that time was seeing the impact a healthy leadership team could have on the individual lives of the people inside his company, as well as on those the company served.

After helping to create the foundation of Build Better, a successful coaching program for homebuilders, Jared is now a certified EOS implementer with EOS Worldwide. When he’s not reading books, meditating in nature, or working and playing with his family, he spends his time helping leadership teams of organizations get healthy so they can change lives.

Deeply dedicated to his wife and 5 children, Jared considers himself first and foremost a family man.