Podcast: Content Marketing That Delivers – Jeff Schneider

Jeff Schneider of Velocity23 on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Jeff Schneider of Velocity23 joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how the right content marketing structure can help home builders produce sustained lead generation and increase home sales.

Content marketing is an ideal way for home builders to promote interest in homes and communities. Jeff says,

“..the traditional definition of content marketing is like creating and sharing content with a target audience, right? Typically educational or informative, but it’s especially useful in industries where there’s a longer sales cycle or more education that’s required, so it’s a perfect fit for the real estate industry.”

Content marketing is an integral part of any home builder digital marketing strategy. Jeff explains,

“I view marketing as an engine that propels a company forward. If you think about an engine, it’s got an air intake system, and a fuel system, and an electrical system, and it’s all run by a computer. All of those components have to work together in a very particular way in order for that engine to produce output. If you think about it as marketing, every marketing tactic that you use, whether that’s email marketing, blogging, social media, et cetera, it’s all a component of this engine…content marketing, in my opinion, is the fuel for the engine. So without it, the engine’s not gonna turn over. You’re not gonna go anywhere.”

Successful content marketing involves the use of various materials including videos, blogs, emails, and social media posts. Jeff says,

“My philosophy is there’s no silver bullet in marketing, right? And I know everyone’s always looking for it, but it doesn’t exist. It’s a myth. You need to use a lot of these different tactics, but they all have to be used in a very particular way together. So, strategy before tactics. They all serve a purpose within in this like greater framework.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how valuable and relevant content marketing can create leads and sell homes.

About the Guest:

Jeff Schneider is an esteemed digital marketing expert and the founder of Velocity23, a highly successful Edmonton-based agency that helps home builders scale up their lead generation and sales. For 13 years now, he has formulated the Home Builder Growth Engine Framework – an exclusive marketing framework that produces reliable results regardless of market conditions. Using this framework, Jeff’s clients have been able to attract over 6.7 million website visits, generate 96,506 leads and sell 7,601 homes—all adding up to over $2.6 Billion in revenue!

Jeff’s extensive knowledge of the industry has helped him develop strategies that have revolutionized the way many home-building companies market themselves. He has a deep understanding of consumer behavior, allowing him to provide insight into how best to reach new prospects and convert them into customers.

In addition to his work with home-building companies, Jeff enjoys music, cooking, and traveling with his wife and two children to explore different cultures. He is deeply curious and has a passion for learning, always seeking opportunities to learn new skills, deepen relationships and become better every day.