Podcast: Digital Tools That Enhance Customer Experience – Linnea Chapman

Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 85 - Linnea Chapman

On this episode of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Linnea Chapman of Trumark Homes joins Greg and Kevin to discuss digital tools that every home builder should leverage to enhance customer experience from start to finish.

Linnea explains how important that first interaction with a customer is.

“We want to build that trust, front and center, from the first time a prospect starts interacting with our brand, our website that they can reach out to somebody get answers quickly. We just want to have that transparency and trust from the beginning, to set that tone for what they can expect during their home buying journey.”

Understanding digital tools is essential as Linnea explains,

“How do we communicate the transparency and build trust with our prospects coming to our website and having them understand what we’re doing with the data… when we’re entering into this cookieless world, and there’s a whole bunch of data privacy concerns? How do we show up as a builder?”

Listen and learn more about how you can use digital tools to enhance customer experience.

About the Guest:

Linnea Chapman joined Trumark Homes in January of 2020 as the Director of Marketing for Northern California. Linnea holds her bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts with an Emphasis in Art History and Arts Management and a Minor in Graphic Design from the University of San Francisco. Before her position at Trumark Homes, she was the Marketing Director for DeNova Homes. She also lived in Cape Town, South Africa, with her husband and two daughters for six years. She started a social stationery company, Somersault Press, which was featured on Oprah’s “The O List”.  Over the past two years at Trumark Homes, Chapman has grown the Online Sales Divisions while also creating, managing, and executing the company’s marketing strategies.