Podcast: Diving into Digital Marketing Data – Andrew Bazan

Andrew Bazan | The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Andrew Bazan of Lennar speaks with Greg and Kevin about the importance of examining and understanding the science of digital marketing data.

As digital marketers, it is vital to be constantly and consistently assessing data. Andrew says,

“…in science and in anything in life, you can provide answers using a hypothesis, using your gut, what you feel, but doing that research and finding out results based off of data, that’s something that’s not subjective. It’s something that’s so objective and it’s tried and tested and you can’t argue against it…”

There is a scientific method when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign through numbers. Andrew explains,

“So, you have a theory. You have a budget where you think if I have two different platforms that I want, and we can just go very high-level general here, and you say, I have a budget to spend on social media and I have a budget to spend on Google ads. It’s the same process. You have a hypothesis. If I spend the same amount, will I get the same amount of leads? Will it lead into the same kind of qualified leads? Will it lead me to the same amount of appointments kept? Will it lead me to the same amount of sales and you test it out?”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how understanding data can impact the success of your marketing efforts.

About the Guest:

Andrew Bazan is a marketing aficionado with a knack for data collection and interpretation, currently focused on new home real estate and homebuilding.

Andrew has keynoted for Masterclassing: Digital Marketing, paneled for Zillow New Construction, and was recently appointed to the Advisory Board for the Executive Marketing Program at USF’s MUMA College of Business.

Currently, Andrew is the Director of Marketing & Online Sales for Lennar Homes’ Atlantic Coast markets in Florida.

Above all else, Andrew is a proud father of two intelligent little humans, as well as a doting and patience-wearing husband to a woman completely out of his league.