Podcast: Expanding E-commerce Brands Internationally – Andy Hooper

Andy Hooper of Global E-commerce Experts on the Digital Velocity Podcast

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Andy Hooper of Global E-commerce Experts joins Erik and Tim to discuss how US-based E-commerce brands can successfully expand to international markets.

Brands that broaden business outside the United States can vastly increase their potential customer base. Andy says,

“I think that for state-side sellers that are looking to expand, the reason to do it is 500 plus million people here in Europe. That’s the number one golden opportunity, that the number of people is significant and far outweighs the number of people in the North American market.”

Market research is an essential part of deciding whether to develop a business in Europe. Andy explains,

“To think, is my brand going to be able to sell in Europe? Do some market research. Many people listening to this, designed a product and then had done some market research. It’s no different when you’re doing that into Europe.”

Brands that are hesitant about international growth, should focus on the prospect of increased sales and revenue. Andy explains,

“I think that a lot of brands and sellers are nervous about expansion, it can seem very daunting about opening up to a new market, a new continent, a new location. Whenever we go outside of our comfort zones, these things always seem more complicated. Without any shadow of a doubt. What you need to do is think about the opportunities there for you. Potentially up to 80% of your US sales in Europe alone. That’s a massive opportunity for you as a brand to not design any more products and just ship the products you’ve currently got.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how to effectively grow a US-based business internationally.

About the Guest:

Andy Cooper is the CEO of Global E-commerce Experts. He has been involved in E-commerce for over ten years. Andy is a proven thought leader in Ecommerce expansion into European markets with over 2000 successful expansions. He is directly partnered with the world’s biggest online marketplaces.

Global E-commerce Experts shares the ability to rocket launch E-commerce businesses through VAT and Tax services, 3PL Storage and Fulfilment via our Warehouse, and E-commerce Account Management just to mention a few.