Podcast: Generative AI in Digital Marketing – Max Gomez Montejo

Max Gomez Montejo

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Max Gomez Montejo joins Tim and Erik to discuss how businesses can use generative AI technology in digital marketing to increase creativity, improve efficiency, and accelerate decision-making while maintaining the human component.

Businesses can be apprehensive about implementing AI technology in digital marketing, but embracing AI can greatly enhance and improve processes. Max explains,

“I think the buzzword, AI, is something similar to the word mathematics. Sometimes people in this industry, say like, I hate math. I don’t know how to do math. You add, you subtract, you multiply every day. You’re not even aware of those operations you’re doing. That’s mathematics. That’s the same thing with AI. They’re scared of the word, but in reality, every day they’re doing something with AI that they’re not even aware of. So, I think that’s something that we need to make sure this is something they understand as a complement or supplement of their day-to-day, rather than someone is going to take my job and take it away.”

When businesses create content with AI technology, that content should be relevant, reliable, and informative to consumers. Max says,

“So, I think everything goes back to the root, which is let’s create content that’s with experience, with expertise, that has authority and is trustworthy. And I think if we check all those four, you can use technology but don’t forget to bring your expertise because that’s why you’re here.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about the benefits of employing generative AI in digital marketing.

About the Guest:

Max Gomez Montejo is the influential Chief Marketing Officer at Next Net Media, a company at the cutting edge of data-driven marketing solutions. His visionary leadership extends to various brands, most notably The HOTH, a renowned search engine marketing firm that empowers businesses to amplify their online visibility. The HOTH offers a comprehensive range of services, including managed SEO, PPC, blog content creation, and link building, making it a one-stop destination for enhancing search engine traffic. Moreover, The HOTH provides a reseller SEO program tailored for agencies, affiliates, and consultants, expanding its impact within the digital marketing landscape.

Max’s professional journey boasts a rich variety of experience in e-commerce, travel, telecommunications, and B2B sectors. At Next Net Media, his strategic acumen and digital marketing expertise have propelled the company to the forefront of the industry. Through Max’s guidance, Next Net Media consistently delivers remarkable returns on investment, solidifying its reputation as an industry leader.

Going beyond his corporate accomplishments, Max shares his knowledge and wisdom as a guest professor at multiple universities. His dedication to shaping the marketing leaders of tomorrow underscores his commitment to the industry’s future and continuous innovation.