Podcast: Got a Quality Paid Search Program? – Phillip Meija

Phillip Meija - Home Builder Episode 102

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Phillip Mejia of Blue Tangerine joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the basics of paid search and why it should be an important part of every home builder’s digital toolbox.

Phillip begins by explaining what paid search is. He says,

“So, you’re actually paying to drive traffic to your site and paid search could be a combination of keywords that you’re purchasing, audiences that you’re purchasing, or placements, places where you’re actually putting your ads, but it’s basically you paying to be in a specific position or for a specific word.”

Phillip explains that paid search is an essential part of every home builder’s digital marketing strategy,

“I think paid search is a huge component of the digital marketers’ toolbox for home builders because what you’re doing right now is with paid search, you’re able to drive traffic to your website with that client’s device. So, mobile devices, they’re like the new digital billboard. Previously, say, for instance, home builders might put a billboard up near their communities to help make people aware of this new community. Now, you put it on their phone and that phone is with them everywhere they go. So, it’s a huge part of digital marketers’ toolbox. Again, because you want to be where people are, and people are always on their phone.”

Paid search is constantly evolving, so Phillip recommends hiring an experienced agency. He says,

“I hate to say that, but unless you have someone that’s experienced, you know, in this paid media portion, it could get away from you pretty quickly. You really need to have a number of alerts set up to make sure you’re watching things. You’ve got to have caps on certain things. Otherwise, things can get away from you pretty quickly. Getting an agency involved is always very helpful to ensure that you’re meeting the metrics and whatever goals that you have.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn how developing a quality paid search program can enhance your home builder digital marketing strategy.

About the Guest:

Phillip Mejia is an Ecommerce & Search Engine Marketing professional with 20 years of agency marketing experience. Phillip manages teams of paid search and SEO experts working with small to medium-sized companies in a variety of markets, ranging from B2B, home décor, apparel, and home builders. Whether it’s lead generation or Ecommerce sales, Phillip understands the of value a qualified visitor to your website.