Podcast: Hiring Top Tier Ecommerce Talent – Harry Joiner

Harry Joiner

Harry Joiner of EcommerceRecruiter.com is the featured guest on two episodes of the Digital Velocity podcast. Tim, Erik, and Harry discuss the process of hiring top-tier e-commerce talent and why it’s important for your employees to align with your brand and company cause.

Every time you get that hiring process wrong, you mis-scope the position or you hire the wrong person, or you hire the right person at the right time for the right amount of money, but they change somehow…your organization gets a little bit farther off course.

I’ve seen some people, a few, make tons of money.  The ones that make tons of money, they always can connect the dots between what they do all day and how they bring a dollar in the door…

About our Guest:

Harry Joiner is an executive recruiter for marketing and e-commerce. He’s been interviewed by Success Magazine, and he has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, MarketingSherpa’s “Great Minds in Marketing” series, BusinessWeek, USAToday.com, Internet Retailer, and more.

He is utterly blessed to represent some of the best and brightest clients and candidates in the global online marketing community. Many of them have appeared in publications like Fast Company, Business 2.0, Internet Retailer, Search Marketing Standard, Multichannel Merchant, The Wall Street Journal, and Advertising Age.