Podcast: How Sales Can Support Marketing – Keith McKinney

Keith Mckinney - HBDMP

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This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Keith McKinney of New Home Star joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how sales teams can support home builder marketing processes.

A large part of home builder digital marketing is about supporting potential customers with valuable knowledge. Keith says,

“Digital marketing is literally about how do you give the right information to your customer in the way that they need to digest the information. So, they feel like that by choosing your product, they are making the right decision, and not just the best decision. They gotta feel emotionally that I’m making the right decision, And that’s why most customers go to the digital space cause they’re trying to get as much information that they believe they can trust.”

Sales teams can help ensure that the digital marketing data being provided to customers is accurate and up to date. Keith explains,

“…I would tell a salesperson is, not just your builder website, go to your community page consistently and often. See what your community page is saying about you and make sure it has all the right and appropriate information and if it doesn’t, work with your marketing director and get that fixed.”

It will require extra effort for salespeople to take more ownership of the whole home buyer journey, but it will also lead to more sales success. Keith says,

“…they have to do some of the work, doing the extra marketing things to help out marketing, doing the extra things that can make their construction guys’ job a little bit easier. Yeah, we encourage and lightly push our sales agents toward that direction because that ownership in the community, at the end of the day, is what helps them sell more homes. By the time that ownership transfers to the customer, when the customer walks through the door, that transfer of energy, that transfer of that ownership, gets that customer to the ownership of their own house a whole lot faster.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how sales teams can assist more fully in marketing strategies.

About the Guest:

Keith McKinney is one of the dynamic executive leaders in the New Home Sales industry. Keith’s vast

understanding of the sales process and his unique and commanding leadership style has propelled him

to play an executive role for several companies in his career most recently within top-tier command for New Home Star. New Home Star is the largest private seller of new homes in America and the only real estate firm to be voted top 3 in Best Places to Work by Glassdoor. As VP of Organizational Development, he oversees all personnel development processes, programs, and training initiatives for every level of New Home Star globally.

Keith’s reputation as a gifted leader, executive, motivator, and trainer has been recognized by some of the nation’s most notable leaders and publications. He has been a featured keynote speaker at several national development and sales conferences including the NAHB International Builders Show, all while keeping the core values of New Home Star at the forefront. He continues to raise the bar on establishing the award-winning culture New Home Star has been nationally recognized for. Keith has been a member of the University of South Florida Digital Marketing Advisory Board for over five years and continues to enrich all the lives he encounters. Any time you can gain with Mr. McKinney is time you will never forget.