Podcast: How to Ask for More and Get it – Dia Bondi

Dia Bondi on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast Dia Bondi, author of Ask Like an Auctioneer, joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how home builder digital marketers and salespeople can learn how to ask for more and get it.

Digital marketers and salespeople have often been trained to ask for what is probable but it’s important to know how to reach far beyond that. Dia explains,

“…when we go for a yes when we only ask for what we’re pretty sure we’re going to get, we inadvertently lowball ourselves and we don’t even know it…We have to actually ask in order to get a no because the no lets me know I’ve maximized the potential of that ask. And I never sell it for the number I get a no for, I always sell it for the number just below that. So, I want everyone to go, Oh, flip that bit in their brains and say, Oh, when I get an instinct, yes, it means that there’s probably something more I could have gotten.”

Asking for that maximum potential can be extremely uncomfortable because it challenges conventional wisdom. Dia says,

“This is difficult for folks to do. Why? Because everything that lives between a guaranteed yes or a mostly guaranteed yes and that menacing word no exists in a zone, I like to call the Zone of Freaking Out. It’s that…feeling you get, it’s because that number is in the Zone of Freaking Out and that feeling keeps you out and away from asking for more.”

Learning how to move through uneasy thoughts and feelings to ask for more is a skill that will open up greater possibilities. Dia says,

“…I think that asking is one of the most overlooked and actively avoided success strategies out there. If we can learn to ask with more courage, also more heart, and not in the spirit of demands, but in the spirit of help me try to get where I’m trying to go, we can often accelerate toward those goals.”

Listen to this week’s episode to hear more about how to reach business goals faster by learning how to ask for more.

About the Guest:

Dia Bond is a Communications Catalyst for high-impact people. In her private coaching and programs, she works with professional C-level leaders, VC-backed founders and ambitious professionals guiding and helping them find their voice and lead with it. Her workshops and talks are hosted by corporations including Quartz, Salesforce, Google’s X.team, and Dropbox. In global sport, she helped Rio de Janeiro secure the 2016 Summer Olympics. After attending auctioneering school for fun, she translated the techniques she learned into a program that prepares ambitious professionals and especially women, to ask for more and leave nothing on the table called Ask Like an Auctioneer. She’s been featured on CNBC Make It, Forbes and Fast Company. Her book, Ask Like an Auctioneer, will be published in 2023. Listen to her podcast Lead With Who You Are.