Podcast: Influencer Marketing Strategies – Ryan Hilliard

Ryan Hilliard | The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Ryan Hilliard of HypeAuditor joins Greg and Kevin to discuss creating successful influencer marketing strategies based on strong purposes and goals.

An influencer is a person with sway over your target audience. Ryan says,

“You sort of trust this person, and so when they talk about something, there’s that inherent, they’re endorsing this for a reason and I like what they have to say, and so I can put my trust into what they’re recommending.”

Influencer marketing is a platform that continues to grow. Ryan explains that for home builders,

“It will be a huge part of that strategy in a couple of years. We’ve seen it with everything. With paid social, with Instagram. Like, all of that strategy at one point was like laughable. You don’t do that. It’s a waste of money.”

Home builders should embrace influencer marketing now. Ryan says,

“And so the people that adopt early. They have got valid hypotheses and they try to adopt early. Like, there’s ground to be had. Especially if somebody’s really regionally focused. Like making a presence known, it’s easier now than it will be in a couple of years. Waiting until everybody’s in on it, it’s not like it’ll be too late, but it’ll be like it is in paid ads these days. It’s more expensive, more competition. It’s just tougher. It’s still a valid channel, but right now it’s sort of ripe for the taking. Especially if you’re an industry or a sub-vertical that is a little bit slower to adoption. Those brands, I think, could see really significant returns off of those much smaller investments than those if they waited two years.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about developing influencer marketing campaigns with clear objectives.

About the Guest:

Ryan is the GM of North America at HypeAuditor, an influencer marketing platform for brands and agencies. Prior to joining HypeAuditor, Ryan was the VP of Marketing for LifeOmic, where he led marketing for a suite of solutions ranging from direct-to-consumer mobile apps to corporate wellness tools and enterprise healthcare solutions. While at LifeOmic, Ryan also led the go-to-market and demand generation efforts for JupiterOne, which was acquired by Bain Capital Ventures in April 2020. Before LifeOmic, Ryan was the Head of Growth at ROI Revolution, a digital marketing agency in Raleigh, managing teams and brands.