Podcast: Keeping an Eye Out for Future Ecommerce Trends – Tim Curtis and Erik Martinez

Digital Velocity Episode 11 - Keeping and Eye Out for Future Ecommerce Trends

Join Erik and Tim this week on the Digital Velocity Podcast as they discuss the opportunities and challenges affecting Ecommerce environments and what digital marketers should be keeping an eye on in the future.

Tim says that one of the worrisome trends in Ecommerce is the rising cost of digital media buying.

“You’re really seeing CMOs being put in a position that they’re going to have to think differently. They’re going to have to evaluate digital spend probably more scrutinous than they have in the past. It’s a dangerous place to be, let’s put it that way, when you’re seeing the costs continue to increase and you’re beginning to see a dip in the efficacy of some of those conversions. That to me is maybe something that CMOs aren’t seeing on the horizon.”

Erik says that with digital media buying, companies have to have a plan. They have to be intentional and proactive about what they are doing.

“…we need to be able to look at what we’re doing and measure the result and understand if that effort worked…without creating a tactical plan that looks at all the elements of how we’re going to use that media, where we’re going to use that media and then executing against that plan, how are you going to measure it? How do you know it worked?”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about what’s on the horizon in Ecommerce environments.