Podcast: Keys to Personal and Professional Success – Ken Burke

Ken Burke | Digital Velocity Podcast

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Ken Burke of The EntrepreneurNOW! Network, and author of Prosper: 5 Steps to Thriving in Business & Life joins Erik and Tim to discuss the keys to personal and professional success.

Ken explains that the first step on the journey to personal and professional success is defining what success means. He says,

“I would start with my definition of success if I didn’t have one already, and/or I had one 20 years ago. By the way, most people don’t have a definition of success. It’s assumed upon them. What’s your definition cause there’s no right way, by the way, to live life?  So, the point is that you have to start where you are. Definition of success is a great place to start, number one.”

The definition of success is unique to each individual and must be evaluated and modified regularly. Ken describes,

“…you get to define your definition of success. Nobody else. You get aligned with your definition of success, all of the sudden happiness ensues. As soon as you’re clear that you don’t have to be something or do something that you may or may not want to do. Define success for you as it is today. I think it’s very, very important, and not enough people focus on what their definition of success is. One last thing you have to define this and redefine it every year. It is important that you relook at this and assess it every year.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn about ways to developing personal and professional success.

About the Guest:

Ken Burke, founder and CEO of the EntrepreneurNOW! Network. He is a highly successful serial entrepreneur, sought-after guest speaker, mentor, and published author.

Ken’s background is in software, which led him to found MarketLive; a market-leading, enterprise-class Ecommerce software that generates more than $2 billion in annual sales globally through major retailers across the globe. He sold MarketLive to Vista Equity Partners in 2016.

In 2021, Ken authored the book “Prosper – 5 Keys to Thriving in Business and Life.” In addition to his book, Ken has hundreds of published articles and has spoken at over 300 industry events spanning his 21 years in the eCommerce industry.

As an eLearning Instructor, Ken has more than 30 courses published on major eLearning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, Forbes, and Future Learn.

Ken graduated with honors from the USC Marshall School of Business with an MBA in Entrepreneurship. The school later awarded him with the honor of Entrepreneur of the Year.