Podcast: Making Sales and Marketing a Team Effort – Wade Hiner

Wade Hiner | Destiny Homes

Join us this week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast as Wade Hiner of Destiny Homes talks with Greg and Kevin about making sales and marketing a team effort.

Put simply, Wade says, “Sales is a very natural process. People need housing and we’re blessed to be in the industry that provides that. So, all it is is letting people know what we do.”

Wade believes that everyone on a home building team ought to be engaged in sales.

“I’ve never not been a salesperson, and I try to teach everyone on our team that no matter what your role is in the firm, you have a sphere of influence, and everywhere you go, you have the opportunity to tell somebody what you do and to share how we can help them.”

He also explains why it’s important to empower your team.

“I would say every single person in our company is an owner. The reason I say that is every single person that works in our company strives to raise the bar every day on how they service our customers. Every single person’s coming up with ideas every day on, maybe we should do this, or how about looking at this? Everybody’s empowered to make those decisions. You know, everybody has a title. However, in a small company, I don’t care what the need is, somebody walks through our front door and needs something signed or something looked at, you name it, there’s not one person in our company that wouldn’t be willing to roll up their sleeves and do whatever it is in front of them.”

Listen to this episode to learn how to get your team more involved in the sales and marketing process.

About the Guest:

Wade Hiner is a 35-year veteran of the construction industry. He serves as the President of Sales and Marketing for Destiny Homes, a privately-owned builder of single-family homes in Iowa which provides a 90-day build from dig to handing keys. Working for a small company, Wade does whatever the need is in front of him, including sweeping our recently framed homes, straightening signs in the developments, taking customer calls, and helping with the sales process.

Things that are important to Wade include serving others at all costs, doing the unexpected, listening to understand not to respond, under-promising and over-delivering, being a reliable source no matter what the need may be, keeping a level head in all situations, getting to know a person before doing business with them, being grateful every day, being interested instead of interesting, being a lifelong learner, always taking cold calls, taking every meeting because he is only one meeting away from making his biggest dreams come true, having fun, and believing everything he does is an interview for his next job.

Wade is a husband and father of two beautiful daughters. He values faith, family, and work and gives 100% to each. He believes in the power of giving back to the community to impact the lives of people. He believes in reading the book that has all the answers to all business and life questions daily. He stands by Proverbs 16:3, commit your work to the Lord, and then your plans will succeed.