Podcast: Navigating a Digital Transformation – Jen Swanson

Episode 60 - Digital Velocity Podcast - Jen Swanson

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Jen Swanson of Tuckpoint Advisory Group joins Tim and Erik to discuss how businesses can successfully navigate a digital transformation.

Digital transformations impact all areas of a business. Jen says,

“…when I talk with companies who are going through digital transformation, my definition is companies who are trying to leverage technology in every corner of their business.”

The effective integration of digital technology positively affects business from the inside out. Jen explains,

“You can’t deliver a great customer experience outside your four walls if your employees are suffering from outdated systems, clunky customer service, this system doesn’t talk to this system, this data doesn’t flow over here. If those kinds of end-to-end sort of transformations aren’t tended to and prioritized as much as what’s happening on the pane of glass to what’s happening to the customers, you can invest all you want on what’s being shown to the rest of the world, it won’t matter because you will never live up to that promise of what happens outside. So, for me, that transformation has to be from like stem to stern, root to tip. You’ve gotta be able to pay attention to that entire stack.”

While there is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to digital transformation, it’s about finding the right place to start. Jen says,

“There’s no one like, well, here’s step one, here’s step two. But here’s the thing, there’s always a place that you can start and the trick is finding it. And what I will tell you is that in some cases, there is a low-risk place to start.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how to improve business through digital transformation.

About the Guest:

Jen’s career spans over 25 years of roles in customer advocacy, marketing technology, and service channel operations in higher education and healthcare organizations, including the University of Minnesota, Capella University, Children’s Minnesota, and UnitedHealth Group. Her consulting career began in 2019 and in 2023 she expanded that work by creating Tuckpoint Advisory Group.

Here’s what she brings to an engagement:

She’s “practically creative” – an integrated, whole-brained thinker with strong present-moment awareness – able to hear what’s being said (or unsaid) in any room

She’s got EQ and IQ in equal measure and knows when to deploy each for maximum impact

A champion of product management and agile principals, she is experienced in applying fundamentals with context and nuanced