Podcast: Neuromarketing for Homebuilders – Dan Russell

Dan Russell - home builder episode 119

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Dan Russell of Vivid Labs joins Greg and Kevin to discuss neuromarketing and how it can help home builders inform creative marketing strategies and gain insights into their home buyers.

Dan says,

“there is a time and a place for science in marketing. There’s a time and a place for art in marketing as well. It is both.”

Neuromarketing is a science that Dan describes as,

“at its core essence, the application of what we know about the human brain to existing marketing operations

Homes are high-value assets and neuromarketing can help builders know where to direct their digital marketing efforts to appeal to home buyers. Dan explains,

“I would say in the world of what I call high ticket purchases, homes are probably the highest ticket unless you’re buying a yacht or something crazy. A lot of times, there can be a little bit of confusion between where you should put your focus, digital marketing, out-of-home marketing, like billboards, one-on-one sales, all that stuff. I would stress to take as scientific of a perspective as you can and to not get pigeonholed by the tactics that worked 15, 20, and 25 years ago, or even five years ago.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about neuromarketing and how it can help home builders improve and expand marketing approaches.

About the Guest:

Dan Russell is the award-winning founder of marketing think tank Vivid Labs and is the author of Snake Oil, a modern-day handbook for business leaders trying to navigate the chaos of modern marketing. Over the past nine years, he’s unlocked over $50 million in revenue for his clients by leveraging the science of marketing and why we buy. These days, he teaches those principles to entrepreneurs and executives through his private newsletter, the Goldpan Report, and his involvement in tech incubator Project 10K.