Podcast: Reaching and Engaging the Gaming Audience – Jamin Warren

Jamin Warren | Digital Velocity Podcast

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Jamin Warren joins Erik and Tim to discuss digital marketing strategies brands can implement to reach and engage gamers.

Brands might question why they should market to the gaming community. Jamin says,

“The best argument for why marketers should focus on gaming is that’s where your audience currently is and will be. It’s just really up to you whether or not that’s something that you really want to ignore, or it’s something you want to engage in and find your space, in this particular space.”

Current customers can lead brands to know how and where to connect with gamers. Jamin explains,

“I always encourage folks to talk to their existing audience. I can’t stress this enough. They’re already playing games. So, you can just ask them about what games they play, where they spend time, how much time do they spend playing games, how they think about themselves, how they self-identify. There’s this perception sometimes that gamers are some audience that’s in some faraway land and you need to go out and try and get them. They’re already a part of your community. So, you just need to make sure that you ask them.”

The gaming audience is not a population that brands can simply ignore. Jamin says,

“… have the courage to try to do something in that space. Base it on a little bit of research. Talk to your audience, figure out where they are. But at this point, I don’t think it’s like a nice to have, gaming is going to be the lens. I’m envisioning a world where, gaming, you don’t even really talk about it anymore. It’s just like fully integrated into people’s viewpoints. It’s just a part of the mix.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how to interact with the gaming audience.

About the Guest:

Jamin Warren founded Twofivesix, a strategic consultancy that helps brands engage in the world of gaming. Our work helps you reach the right gaming audience on the right platform with the right message.

He also served as an advisor for the Museum of Modern Art’s design department, acted as cluster chair for the Gaming category for the Webbys, and hosted Game/Show for PBS Digital Studios. Prior to founding Twofivesix, Jamin covered arts and entertainment for the Wall Street Journal.

He knows all things interactive from virtual reality to esports to game development. As a content strategy and development house, Twofivesix’s past and present clients include GE, Intel, PBS, MoMA, Warby Parker, Tribeca Enterprises and more. He’s worked with brands and agencies to help them unlock the power of play.

He’s produced events such as the Versions conference for VR arts and creativity, in partnership with NEW INC. He also programmed the first Tribeca Games Festival, the groundbreaking Arcade at the Museum of Modern Art and the Kill Screen Festival which Mashable called “the TED of videogames.”