Podcast: SEO Strategies that Produce Results – Joshua George

Joshua George of ClickSlice on the Digital Velocity Podcast

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Joshua George of ClickSlice joins Erik and Tim to discuss SEO strategies that will optimize website visibility, increase organic traffic, and create more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

Companies jeopardize business if they focus on only one marketing source. Joshua says,

“But unfortunately, most businesses only realize that when it’s too late. So, my advice to anyone listening to this who’s running ads, always 100% relying on ads, is don’t turn off the ads because the ads have their place…start to think long term and invest in other channels, whether it’s SEO, e-mail marketing. But just make sure you’re diversifying your revenue. You never want to have all your eggs in one basket.”

SEO is a critical piece in expanding online presence, however, it requires expertise. Joshua explains,

“And this is also another reason why we always say to clients, ‘Yes, I appreciate you can learn SEO on a blog or watch a few videos, but it really isn’t just something you give a second thought to.’ You have to be all in, in the SEO industry to understand it.”

Delaying SEO investment will negatively impact business, so it is crucial to start now. Joshua says,

“…if you are in business for the long-term, think long-term and invest in SEO whilst things are going good, not when they’re going wrong.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how SEO can create lasting results.

About the Guest:

Joshua George is the owner and founder of ClickSlice, an award-winning SEO agency based in London.

Joshua has been involved in the SEO industry since 2015 and has quickly made a name for himself. He is the founder of the prestigious SEO agency in London and is also an established global lecturer who pioneers making SEO education more accessible across the globe.

Joshua’s online courses are taken by thousands of students every month on international eLearning platforms like Udemy and Skillshare. To date, he’s taught over 100,000 students and created dozens of courses designed to teach business owners and marketers about the fundamentals of good SEO, including four-week programs that introduce delegates to E-commerce SEO, National SEO, Google Analytics, WordPress, and many other key digital marketing disciplines.

As the #1 ranked SEO Consultant in London he speaks at conferences and events, both online and offline. He has been featured in publications like Forbes, and London Post, just to name a few.

ClickSlice is the only SEO agency in London that’s recently been hired by the UK government to deliver SEO training to their digital teams.

Joshua and his team are generating over £1M+ in organic revenue every month for clients, thousands of leads, and millions of dollars in sales by applying the latest SEO strategies and tactics.