Podcast: The Advantages of AI-Generated Analytics – Mia Umanos

Mia Umanos of Clickvoyant on the Digital Velocity Podcast

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Mia Umanos joins Erik and Tim to discuss the advantages of AI-generated analytics in delivering actionable insights and increasing revenue.

Oftentimes, marketers are overly focused on the data without understanding what the numbers are revealing. Mia says,

“That is actually what we’re doing today as an industry with the data. We are so brand-focused. You know, PPC, ROI, CPC-focused that we are not listening. We forgot the analysis part, that the whole point of having data is the empathy that we can create in our marketers as a result of the knowledge of what people are doing and clicking on.”

Marketers need to change the way data is viewed and understood to increase customer connection. Mia explains,

“… I don’t know if the left and the right brain are both math and listening and connecting with people, but what we do know is from storytelling that you get connected to the person that you are speaking to because you understand them because you’re echoing back their fears, their anxieties, their hopes, and their dreams. And all of that is in the data on what they’re clicking on. And we, as marketers, we need to retrain ourselves to create data-driven empathy. I mean, performance metrics are important, but when we’re being creative, that data-driven empathy is a thing that’s gonna really like blow everything out of the water.”

AI-generated analytics can help marketers narrow in on what is important to concentrate on. Mia says,

“So, when we are automating statistical research all the time, not only are you like delivering these things that matter, those three things that matter right now for conversion rates, you are also eliminating all the noise that you don’t have to look at.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about AI-powered analytics, analysis, and insights.

About the Guest:

Mia’s superpower is her instinct for user behavior.

Her optimization strategies have lifted revenue $4M in 90 days, created a sustained 40% increase in advertising revenue, taken a political candidate from 4th to 2nd place in 3 months, and won a Google News Initiative Grant. She is a 14-year veteran of analytics who grew up inside digital marketing agencies like Huge, Critical Mass, and Mirum.

During her sabbatical from digital marketing, Mia worked for 3 years for independent media to re-imagine what data could do on media sites to promote civil civic engagement.