Podcast: The Challenges and Opportunities of a Google Ads Program – Phillip Mejia

Phillip Mejia - Digital Velocity Podcast

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast Phillip Mejia of Blue Tangerine joins Erik and Tim to discuss the everchanging challenges and opportunities of running a Google Ads Program.

Phillip says that Google doesn’t want world domination through their Google Ads program,

“but they do want to be able to automate a lot of your more simple tasks on an ongoing basis. They’re doing a number of things to push you in that direction. One, if you have Google Analytics, you’ve probably seen in your Google Analytics account about Google Analytics 4. So, that’s a new analytics package that’s going to take over the current version, and what that one is going to help do is to help close some of the measurement gaps and more information about behavioral data, the visitors that are coming to your website. So, they’re kind of adjusting where you’re going to be able to find some of that data.”

Phillip explains that the idea behind much of what Google is introducing is,

“to help automate some of those simple tasks that you would go in on a regular basis and do yourself. The whole idea of automation is to help you with some of your daily tasks, give you more time to work on other things, but you don’t want to set it and forget it. That’s the piece that people need to really understand is, all of this automation is not to just let you forget about what you’ve got going on, but to really understand what pieces that you can automate.”

Listen to this episode to learn about the positives and negatives of running a Google Ads program.

About the Guest:

Phillip Mejia is an eCommerce & Search Engine Marketing professional with 20 years of agency marketing experience. Phillip manages teams of paid search and SEO experts working with small to medium-sized companies in a variety of markets, ranging from B2B, home décor, apparel, and home builders. Whether it’s lead generation or Ecommerce sales, Phillip understands the of value a qualified visitor to your website.