Podcast: The Methodology of Hiring Intentionally – Lorelle Carpenter

Digital Velocity Podcast Episode 5 - The Methodology of Hiring Intentionally

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Lorelle Carpenter of Schneider Saddlery joins Tim and Erik to discuss the importance of being intentional when hiring for e-commerce marketing. Learn four tips to keep on your business game as well as how to successfully hire the perfect person and onboard them successfully.

We created a methodology of being intentional about what we wanted the person to be able to accomplish once they arrived, and what our key problems were that they needed to be solving.

About our Guest:

Lorelle Carpenter has been using data to drive growth and value for more than twenty years. As a Partner at CohereOne, she helped catalog-driven companies find growth through better utilization of their marketing data. She spent fifteen years at Dover Saddlery building a cohesive team that tripled the sales of the company through an optimized combination of digital, email, catalog, direct mail, and creative driving both online and retail store channels. With a solid track record of driving predictable sales growth, she is a master at creating long-term value through buyer file development. Her experience spans both B2C and B2B, with time spent managing Marketing and Merchandising at Day-Timer’s and Seton Identification Products, both in the USA and internationally.