Podcast: The Opportunities for PCBC Attendance – Greg Fuson

Greg Fuson | The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Greg Fuson of Pacific Coast Builders Conference joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the opportunities PCBC offers home builder industry attendees.

One of the focuses of PCBC is the education offered by experts in other fields besides home building. Greg explains,

“So, one of the things that’s always been a hallmark of PCBC is we are very intentional about putting together a mix of content that is industry-specific and very relevant to the business model of our customers, but not solely devoted to home building topics. We very carefully curate a program that is going to address the critical needs of the home builder and the best practices and the emerging trends that you should be aware of, and also bring in voices from people who are outside the industry who are going to give you a perspective on your world that you wouldn’t necessarily see when we are all very nose down, focused on the urgent day-to-day, that’s a reality that we all need to face.”

Three main aspects are central to PCBC’s purpose. Greg says,

“…we are very deliberate in creating relevant experiences for the entirety of the home building industry. So, PCBC’s tagline is the Art, Science + Business of Housing, and we really believe that all three of those need to be ingredients in the equation in order for successful communities to come out of the ground. And the event itself is designed to deliver on all of those different elements.”

PCBC comprises a vast array of subjects related to home building. Greg says,

“So, we will have program content that is targeted to the many different disciplines of a home building company. There are design trends, there’s marketing, and consumer insights. There is business and strategy and leadership, capital markets, land acquisition and development, construction and operational excellence, et cetera, et cetera. The audience tends to be more senior level in managerial, and that’s one of the strong suits, I think, to the networking experience, is that the people that you’re connecting with are thought leaders and are experienced and are driving new, emerging, leading thought.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how attending PCBC can benefit home builders.

About the Guest:

Greg Fuson has been designing and delivering high-level conferences for over twenty years. He is team lead for PCBC’s annual event, with particular focus on the Leader-to-Leader Forum, innovation showcases, keynotes, and strategic partnerships. In 2016, citing his ability to “[energize] the industry with a think tank environment to be a catalyst for new ideas,” Builder Magazine named him one of 100 innovators who are shaping the future of housing.