Podcast: The Power a CRM Can Offer Home Builders – Tyler Stouder

Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 207: The Power a CRM Can Offer Home Builders with Tyler Stouder

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Tyler Stouder of Homebuilder Ops joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the power a CRM can offer home builders through tracking, managing, and analyzing customer interactions and data.

A CRM consolidates data all in one place, so it can be organized and examined. Tyler explains,

“It’s your one-stop shop for data. So, rather than having an Excel document that seven people can edit or might make a change that you have no idea, CRMs actually track changes. So, if I were to hand off to someone out in the field on a project I’m working on and they start interacting via CRM, we’re able to see notes all on the same level or see activities that happen. There’s less chance for things to get lost as well with those Post-it notes on the dashboard. It’s just a good place for consolidation.”

One of the most beneficial aspects of a CRM is the automation it can offer home builder marketing and sales teams. Tyler says,

“And that’s what’s great about CRMs in general is the ability to create tasks or next actions to remind yourself what you need to do. Use the system to work for you. Let the system tell you who to reach out to. Let the system send those follow-up emails. Let the system tell you who’s opened them. Rely on technology.”

It is vital in this day and age for home builders to have a CRM to track relationships with potential customers. Tyler says,

“…use a CRM, any CRM. Just get your data living in some place because then we can work from there. We can see where we’re missing leads, we can see where we’re missing sales by the data that lives in the system.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how fundamental having a CRM is to home builders.

About the Guest:

Tyler Stouder is an accomplished and award-winning sales and marketing technology expert who has positioned himself as a leading authority on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), customer engagement, and marketing technology within the realm of new home construction.

With a strong background in marketing agency operations, Tyler’s professional journey started in graphic design before evolving to larger RevOps roles with companies such as Home Depot, Best Buy, Disney, and John Deere.  Today, his primary focus and passion lie within the new home construction world. Here, Tyler develops sales and marketing strategies through CRM optimization geared towards empowering individuals and families to own homes.

Currently, Tyler serves as the HubSpot lead at Heibar, the technology division for Clayton Properties Group as well as an Advisor to Homebuilder Ops.  In this role, he spearheads initiatives that drive excellence in HubSpot and problem-solving through automation as well as elevating customer experiences within the organization.