Podcast: The Power of Good Interior Design – Lori Ann Dinkins

Lori Ann Dinkins of Mood Interiors joins the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast to discuss the power of good interior design.

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Lori Ann Dinkins of Mood Interior Designs joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the power of good interior design can have in helping home builders connect with home buyers and sell more homes.

Unfortunately, some home builders don’t place as high of an importance on interior design as they should. Lori explains,

“Sadly, interior design is last. it’s kind of thought of as an afterthought and I get why. I really do. It’s like builders build. That’s what they do. And they’re focused on the supplies that they need in order to build. We want to be brought into the conversation earlier to help them know that once you build it, you got to sell it. And that’s where marketers come in. But marketers are often brought in after it’s built, and we think it kind of should be reversed. So, for builders who understand what it takes to sell a home, we’re one of the first phone calls. We’re looked at as a partner in the process. But for builders who really believe that the house itself will sell itself, we’re usually not a priority.”

Potential home buyers relate more emotionally when they can see themselves living in a home and good interior design facilitates that connection. Lori says,

“Honestly, our belief is buyers cannot see their life in an empty model. They just can’t. So, we help bring the model to life based on the demographics and the lifestyle of the community. Our designers are trained to do our research and to look for how can we bring this house to life.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how interior design can aid home builders in the home buyer journey.

About the Guest:

Lori Ann Dinkins is the President & CEO of Mood Interior Designs. Lori has identified an underserved market in the commercial housing industry and surrounds herself with hardworking professionals who are eager to jump off the cliff of opportunity with her every day.

Having managed millions of dollars in strategic capital improvements as part of value-add investments, Lori created a design process that helps clients accomplish the investment plan often created during underwriting. In this way Operators have a very clear picture of FF&E costs, to plan accurately, and not be surprised late in the game.

When Lori isn’t walking properties or zooming with her 100% remote team, she loves spending time with her favorite people (aka Family), traveling the world, and playing tennis.