Podcast: The Power of Print in the Digital Age – Alex Krupski and Jake Hoffman

Alex Krupski and Jake Hoffman | Digital Velocity Podcast

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Alex Krupski and Jake Hoffman of Arandell Corporation join Erik and Tim to discuss how print can be a champion in marketing campaigns in the digital age.

In this age of information, print marketing might be overlooked when compared to digital, but Jake explains that they should work together to create the most effective marketing campaigns. He says,

“print and digital were like, not friends. They weren’t cool. It was either like, there’s a digital budget and there’s a marketing budget. Both shall never overlap, and now we’re starting to see sort of this awakening of oh wait, there’s things that print does really well, but they have to be combined together to really generate almost the best of both worlds.”

Print should be another valuable tool in marketing strategies. Alex explains,

“I think it’s always, more arrows in the quiver, right? I always say that one. The more channels that you’re present on and the more channels that you’re marketing to people on, ultimately, the more effective you’re going to be. Print, just like social, just like email, just like your website, just like a commercial on TV, is a channel for you to market on it. It’s another arrow in the quiver. It’s another way for you to reach out to people you might not have before.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how print can make your marketing campaign skyrocket.

About the Guests:

Alex Krupski – Alex Krupski is the Marketing Coordinator at Arandell Corporation and co-host of the Millennials in Print Podcast. Alex has 7+ years of experience in digital marketing and business development that he uses to catalyze organizational change and growth. His primary responsibilities include the management, development, and execution of Arandell’s day-to-day marketing and communication strategies, as well as to support Arandell’s nationwide sales team in their efforts to develop new print business.

Jake Hoffman – Jake Hoffman is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing for Arandell Corporation. In his role, he works with numerous brands on launching, improving, and accelerating direct mail growth through the print medium. He is the co-host of the popular print podcast Millennials in Print which is aimed at changing the stereotypes that exist surrounding the print industry as well as inspiring the next generation of great marketers to consider a career in print. Recognized by Printing Impressions as a rising star in the industry he is at the forefront of evolving individuals’ perception of print.