Podcast: Unlocking the Power of Social Commerce – Will Basta

Will Basta

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Will Basta of ACV Partners, joins Tim and Erik to discuss how businesses can unlock the power of social commerce to sell more products and services.

Social commerce is a subgroup of E-commerce but it is not they are not the same. E-commerce encompasses the process of buying and selling goods online while social commerce involves selling directly through a social media platform. Will explains,

“People go to Amazon, they go to Walmart with the intent to purchase, the intent to buy something. Then you have the spawn-offs of that. You have your Facebook, Instagram kind of shop. The big one here is TikTok Shop. These are social media platforms, where the intent isn’t to buy something, but you end up buying something. So, that’s what social commerce is. It’s the ability to actually purchase through something that is a social media platform.”

Social commerce is growing rapidly and can be a real advantage for brands that increase their presence on major social platforms. Will says,

“And the growth of that has been monumental. That is what this decade is all about. It’s about driving purchases and purchasing trends, whether it’s affiliate marketing with micro-influencers on certain specific products that are more niche or building out strategies through these platforms that can either drive traffic to Amazon through TikTok’s unique algorithm on a new product or have the purchase within TikTok itself.”

Social commerce may sound overwhelming, but businesses don’t have to expand to all platforms all at once. Will says,

“And just make sure you’re not falling behind on technology. You don’t need to learn everything that we just mentioned right now. Maybe take one of these nuggets, if it’s all relatable, take one of them and just do 30 days of focusing on that one piece. It could be one step at a time. Because when you overwhelm yourself, you end up not absorbing any of it if you’re trying to do it all at once.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how social commerce can help your business grow.

About the Guest:

Will Basta, a Los Angeles native, is a forward-thinking entrepreneur with expertise in healthcare, global E-commerce, and venture capital. Motivated by his dedication to personal health and wellness and enriched by a global perspective shaped by world travel, Will has cofounded various enterprises, including ACV Partners. This company specializes in e-commerce management and marketing, concentrating on brand cultivation and online business development for investors. Will plays a key role as an executive, contributing strategic insight and leadership to the organization.

With over a decade of experience driving growth and innovation in the digital space, Will has proven to be a significant asset for multiple startups and has invested in numerous companies. His expertise in strategy, marketing, and operations has played a crucial role in his business endeavors, especially within the e-commerce sector.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Basta is a clean water advocate and pitbull ally, working to make a positive impact in these categories. Will’s impactful contributions in both business and philanthropy demonstrate his leadership in driving innovation in today’s digital landscape.