Introduction To Geofencing

If you have recently heard the buzzword “Geofencing”, you may be wondering what the hype is all about. We are here to explain what geofencing is and how it works, so you can understand why so many businesses are choosing this marketing service that we offer at Blue Tangerine. You can learn the basics here and everything you need to know in our FREE Comprehensive Guide to Geofence Marketing.


Geofence marketing is a type of mobile, location-based advertising that enables you to display ads to people based on their physical location. Using mobile GPS location, we can precisely target customers that visit target locations, such as individual buildings, convention and conference centers, and even your competitors’ locations.

How Geofencing works

  1. We set up geofences, or digital perimeters, around locations of interest
  2. People with a mobile device enter a geofenced location
  3. GPS or RFID technology captures their mobile device ID
  4. User opens an app or web browser on mobile device
  5. User begins to see ads on these apps and/or browsers while they are at the geofenced location and up to 30 days after they leave the geofence

Geofencing step 1geofencing step 2geofencing step 3geofencing step 4

With geofencing, you can focus on connecting with customers based on where they go – locations that may indicate an interest in your product or service. When used in combination with existing advertising strategies, geofencing can provide you with more marketing reach and more precise ways to measure the success of ad campaigns. Geofence marketing is a great new way to reach prospects and expand your clientele!


mila Sorenson
MILA SORENSON, SR. DIRECTOR of MARKETING & CLIENT SERVICESWith over 25 years of marketing experience, Mila specializes in helping clients formulate marketing plans to capture more leads, sales and ROI through services such as SEO, Paid Search, Email Marketing, Social Media, Geofencing, and Website Design.


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