Podcast: Adapting to Changes in the Marketplaces – Pat Grady

Digital Velocity Podcast | Adapting to Changes in the Marketplaces - Pat Grady

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Pat Grady, founder of Amazing Ads, joins Tim and Erik to discuss the value of marketplaces and the importance of being ready and willing to adapt to changes in the marketplaces.

Pat understands that the only thing consistent about the marketplaces is that they are consistently changing…

“I’m a different businessperson today than I was five years ago. Five years before that I was completely different. So, adaptability and being ready for change, that is a necessary part of your plan, and when something bad happens or something good happens, you have to be ready to leverage and exploit that change and pursue it.”

Pat also explains why it’s important to explore multiple marketplaces…

“Don’t make Amazon the only marketplace in your basket. You should be at Walmart. It’s growing much faster than Amazon. You should be at Target also growing faster than Amazon’s business. There are other things that are coming too. Whether it’s Etsy and other places you can run advertising.”

If you are unsure about how to keep up with the ever-changing world of the marketplaces, listen to this episode to discover how you can learn to adjust and grow your digital business.

About the Guest:

Pat Grady is the founder of Amazing Ads, an international advertising agency that focuses on PPC Management and Optimization on Amazon, Walmart, Target, Google Ads, YouTube, Programmatic DSP and other mainline advertising platforms. Pat is also the founder of several Print-On-Demand companies like RhinoFish Media, JustSoPosh, and Regalo Marketing that are involved in the wholesale, retail, and print preview and visualization technology side of POD.

Pat’s reputation stands on ethics, results, performance-based pay, frankness, stewardship, experience, and advanced analytical skills focused on optimization problem solving, especially Attribution, Tracking, AI Optimization, and Tool Building.