Podcast: AI Ethics and the Pursuit of Good Tech – Olivia Gambelin

Olivia Gambelin of Ethical Intelligence on the Digital Velocity Podcast

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Olivia Gambelin of Ethical Intelligence joins Erik and Tim to discuss how businesses can apply Artificial Intelligence Ethics while pursuing technology, stimulating innovation, and building consumer trust.

Generally, ethics involves values or moral principles that guide behavior. In business, ethics follows that same paradigm. Olivia says,

“But in the context of artificial intelligence and business, how I like to define ethics is a decision analysis tool. What that means for me is when I am working with a client, we are analyzing their decisions to understand and assess how in alignment those decisions are with their core values that they have set out to implement.”

Artificial intelligence is generating new conversations and questions when it comes to ethics and trust within the framework of business. Olivia explains,

“…when it comes to AI Ethics, the first thing that you’re doing there is actually figuring out, well, what are our foundational values that we want to work on? What are the values that are going to gain trust with our user base? The whole fact around building that trust comes to basically saying what you’re going to do and then going and doing it.”

AI Ethics brings great opportunities for brands to build technology that builds trust with consumers and also stimulates innovation and creativity. Olivia says,

“Now, we have the opportunity in our digital age for two very cool things. On one hand, we can look at designing our technology and asking ourselves the question, how can I create technology that helps me in that pursuit of the good life, not one that helps me with commodity and helps me get my Amazon package in 30 minutes? But what kind of technology helps me in the pursuit of my own good life, and hopefully those around me as well? But how do we also design in the pursuit of good tech, technology that’s in alignment with our values?”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about AI Ethics in the context of business.