Podcast: Atlanta Real Estate Forum – Greg Bray

Atlanta Real Estate Forum Episode 1077 - guest Greg Bray

Greg Bray, President of Blue Tangerine, joined host Carol Morgan on the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss marketing tactics for the new year and website building tips.

Greg talks about how home builders are navigating the idea of moving toward buying a home online. The benefit of having a virtual and seamless buying experience is an added convenience as well an additional level of connection that customers feel with many other businesses.

He also discusses the importance of making investments into your website. Identifying opportunities and making small changes can have big impacts. One example is the strategy of A/B Testing on a home builder website to improve website conversions. For builders that spend lots of marketing dollars to get people to their website, this is a great way optimize the website to maximize results. Greg explains the outcome of A/B testing by saying,

“You’re no longer making design decisions just based on what you like or what you think looks good but you’ve got data behind it that says this helps move things forward.”

Listen in to the full episode to learn more about how you can improve your home builder website and digital marketing in 2022.

This podcast is courtesy of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio.