Podcast: Audience-Focused Digital Campaigns – Kelly Holladay

Kelly Holladay | The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Kelly Holladay of Max Connect Digital joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the importance of audience-focused of digital marketing campaigns across various platforms.

As the home building market begins to normalize after the frenzy of the last few years, home builders are reviving their digital marketing presence. Focusing on audiences has to be part of a good strategy. Kelly suggests,

“…if someone was to come to me and say, Hey, we were running on all cylinders. Now we’re scrambling. What do we do? Really understanding your audience and catering to that audience wherever they are.”

Kelly says that some great questions to ask about potential buyers include,

“What does your perspective buyer look like? Where do they work? What other builders are they gonna be looking at and understanding all of those types of details that we can plug that into our campaign structure, so when that ad hits somebody’s screen, it’s there for a really good reason.”

Kelly explains,

“What’s interesting to see is how that path to conversion or somebody buying a home is very rarely linear. It’s not a one-touch and done. So, looking at a myopic view of last-click attribution, that’s only a very small piece of the puzzle, and so understanding that customer journey. What creatives helped persuade them, what messages? How many times did they visit your website, how much time did they spend on your website? So, a variety of tools like that, I think peel back the layers and help home builders and other clients really understand  what resonates to their prospects, what keeps them coming back, and how did they ultimately interact with you as well?”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about the benefits of making audiences the center of digital marketing campaigns.

About the Guest:

Kelly brings 18 years of sales and marketing experience and is a true advocate for his clients. Creating efficiency and thriving in competitive landscapes is what drives his success. Kelly’s experience and industry insight have helped him to craft dozens of omni-channel marketing strategies and implement pathways that lead to success. His recommendations put resources in the right place. His oversight and direction yield results. Managing critical elements of expansion and orchestrating strategic marketing programs are a daily task.

Kelly is driven by and focused on the win. Annual growth and revenue, improved results and efficiencies, these are key components that make up the foundation of Kelly’s career at Max Connect Digital.

If Kelly isn’t at work you’ll find him with his family or on a bike. A husband, a dad (to three daughters), and rounding things out with a girl dog and even a hedgehog. There is no shortage of female affection and/or drama in his life! When he needs to escape all of that, he turns right to the bike. Whether cycling one of the beautiful canyons along the Wasatch Front or shredding the trails on a mountain bike, “happiness begins with the first pedal stroke”.