Podcast: Balancing Sales and Marketing Initiatives – Steve Bradford

Steve Bradford | The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Steve Bradford of Sales Solve Everything joins Greg and Kevin to discuss balancing sales and marketing initiatives in the ebb and flow of the home building market.

During adjustments in the home building market, an emphasis on the fundamentals is imperative. Steve explains,

“Obviously, getting back to the basics right now, as far as every aspect of our business, building a home well, providing an excellent customer experience, having a well-trained sales team, and a dialed-in marketing team. All of those are crucial regardless of whether the market is up or whether the market is down. Basically, doing your job and doing it well.”

As home builders focus on the basics, both the sales teams and marketing teams need equal attention. Steve says,

“Each department needs to feel served and serviced, and oftentimes one feels left out when one manager skews to one side.”

Shifts in the home building market are a given, and they require home builders to modify and expand sales and marketing best practices. Steve says,

“I’ve got to provide a different experience. It’s got to change. It’s got to be different. You know what’s the only constant? Is change and things are always changing, and so I wish I knew what it’s going to look like this time next year, but what I can tell you is all of the fundamentals stay the same, but we’ve got to provide a great experience, a great product, and a great atmosphere for buyers to flourish in. So much so that they want to refer us to their friends and family, et cetera.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about improving sales and marketing programs in the ever-changing home building industry.

About the Guest:

Steve brings over two decades of experience in the home building industry and has excelled in multiple positions, including, on-site sales, sales manager, sales trainer, land acquisition, and VP of sales and marketing. He combines a blend of dynamic sales training and motivation with a deep understanding of the industry. These skills allow him to not only drive sales and customer satisfaction, but also profitability. Steve is passionate about helping sales teams perform at their highest level, creating engaged happy homeowners, and helping homebuilding companies grow.

With the ability to drill down quickly to the needs of the team, Steve can craft a training approach to best serve the needs of whomever he is working with. Motivation is key as well as addressing attitude and mindset; but first and foremost, sales and marketing teams need the foundational skills and techniques to perform at a top level in any market. Steve’s years of experience allow him to present those skills in a fun and engaging manner. His mantra is always “Help the team understand WHY they are doing something, and they will do the WHAT without question.”