Podcast: Become a Specialist For Your Home Builder – Kerry Mulcrone

Kerry Mulcrone | The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Kerry Mulcrone of Kerry & Co. joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how becoming a specialist in your home building area of expertise will build trust with home buyers and will ultimately lead to conversions.

Consumers look to experts in almost every facet of their lives and when buying a home it should be no different. Kerry says,

“…I tell people there are specialists for all the things in life that we want. Whether it’s dental, whether it’s heart … we all want to go to a specialist … why are new home sales seen as different than that?”

Home buyers want a specialist to assist them on their journey to purchase such a significant asset. Kerry explains,

“…people are more afraid to make a mistake than to buy. When they have gotten to you, they have some indicator in a life event or in their heart, or in their ego, whatever it is, something has triggered them. They just don’t want to make a mistake…It’s come and see us and let us help you.”

To become a particular home builder specialist, it’s imperative to know the messages your competitors are sending your potential clients. Kerry says,

“…you have to know what your customers are barraged with. You need to know the noise that’s out there for them. If you don’t know the digital messages of your, let’s say, three to five competitors. If you don’t time block time every single week to see what your competition is posting that is overwhelming these people. Because when they come into you, you don’t talk about what that is, but that makes you keenly aware of how to show your uniqueness.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how to become a specialist for your home builder company.

About the Guest:

Kerry Mulcrone owner and President of Kerry & Co., a New Home Sales, Management and Coaching Company, celebrates over 35 years in the Home Building Industry at the National level. Kerry continues to stay in the trenches at a leadership level and shares her personal “hands on” experience and knowledge coast to coast developing company synergy, processes, and powerful sales teams. Kerry’s energy is infectious and her compassion compelling in making a difference every day in the New Home Industry.