Podcast: Building an Effective Online Sales Team – Reyna Estrada

Episode 202 - The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast - Reyna Estrada

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Reyna Estrada of M/I Homes joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how home builders can build an effective online sales team.

There is always the question of whether home builder online sales consultants should fall under the sales team or the marketing team. Reyna explains,

“It has to be under that sales umbrella…because we are connecting with a customer. We are serving the customer. We’re making that connection just like the onsite team is doing it. We’re doing it online through a phone conversation, through a connection. We still have to go through all the steps of the journey of building trust. So, I think it’s very sales-oriented, but we still have to be connected and work together with marketing.”

Once an online team is created they must be trained to connect with potential customers. One of the most significant ways OSCs can connect with home buyers is through phone communication. Reyna says,

“I think our online sales team has to create an experience. You have to be genuinely enthusiastic about the process of caring for a customer that you were not even meeting face to face. That is all from that experience on the phone…and I believe that you have to answer the phone and pick up the phone to make those calls because it’s hard to feel those emotions on that text and email, the black print. So, kind of create and bring that energy of why we do, what we do.”

After a relationship is formed, OSCs can focus on arranging an onsite appointment. However, understanding what the home buyer needs are should be the primary focus of the OSCs. Reyna says,

“Getting the story, so they can come and do the see and feel with the onsite team. So, we want to do discovery, the qualifying, and get as much of the why, or finding that connection with the customer of the why before they come in, but not necessarily sell the home. We want them to do that in person with our new home consultants. So, an appointment, it is an ultimate goal, but you have to nurture that trust and that experience for the customer before we get to the appointment.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how to form a valuable online sales team.

About the Guest:

Reyna Estrada has a passion for Real Estate; she has been with M/I Homes since 2008 and has 20 years of experience in the new home building industry. Originally from Honduras and settled in North Carolina back in 2000, Reyna is fluent in both English and Spanish. As a National Internet Sales Manager, she supports a passionate team mission to serve customers on their online home buying journey with world-class service and authenticity.

Reyna built her first and second homes, so she knows how many questions there are during the process. She has a sincere purpose for helping people accomplish their dreams and homeownership. Reyna has been recognized as Pro Builder 40 Under 40, plus the Online New Homes Professional of the Year by M/I Homes, Triangle Sales & Marketing Council and NHBA Nationals. She loves world traveling and enjoys serving in her community as well as volunteering with Triangles SMC and NHBA DEI Committee.

She has been married for 22 years to her best friend, Richard. They have two lovely daughters, Isabella and Gabriella, and two four-legged babies.