Podcast: Crafting Quality Home Builder Photography – Chris Griggs

Chris Griggs of LaRuche Photo discusses crafting quality home builder photography on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Chris Griggs of LaRuche Photo joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how to craft quality home builder photography that elevates your brand and allows your homes to stand out in virtual environments.

Home builders sometimes get so focused on the physical task of building homes, that they don’t always think about how those homes are being portrayed virtually. The images of the homes must match the quality of the construction. Chris asks,

“Is that picture going to drive people to your company and your product and what you do? I think if your pictures look novice, people are probably going to assume your product may follow suit a little bit. I just don’t think that is a smart way to do business at all.”

Virtual assets should increase customer curiosity and engagement. Chris explains,

“…is the feature of this space that is really going to hook somebody in, make them stop for more than half a second to look at a picture and go, Whoa, there’s something going on here. This is a beautiful image. I want to see another one and I want to see another one. Now that I’ve seen multiple images or a video, who is this company? People are going to start looking at it going, this is somebody who maybe I should look at. Maybe I should go to their website, maybe I should send an email, make a phone call. Maybe I should show up at their sales office on-site, learn more about this product, and get to know who this company is.”

Photography should simply embody the value a home builder can offer a potential client. Chris says,

“What it all comes down to is this, when you hire somebody like myself or our company to take pictures, or if you’re going to do it yourself, the image you show represents you, it represents your brand, and it represents the quality of what you are doing for yourself or your client.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about creating superior home builder images.

About the Guest:

Chris is an accomplished, multi-faceted creative with 20+ years career in design, art direction, and creative management. He developed intrinsic connections between brands and audiences using visual design, storytelling engagement, and strategic campaign activation that increased market share and company earnings.

Chris made the pivot in 2020 to change his career to photography. Today, he is an ownership partner and principal real estate photographer at LaRuche Photo. He captures and creates marketing assets for realtors, brokerages, new home builders, remodelers, and property investors in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. He specializes in residential & commercial photography, drone photography, floor plan schematics, 3D virtual tours, and video production for social media marketing.