Podcast: Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy – Vithya Kuckreja

Vithya Kuckreja

Vithya Kuckreja of Blue Tangerine shares her expertise on this week’s episode of The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast as she joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the importance of creating a digital marketing strategy and she even reveals some dating tips too.

Vithya gets down to the basics as she describes that a digital marketing strategy is,

…a plan that you put together for your business to achieve the goals for your business across carefully selected channels. Really what that entails is just looking at your business holistically and seeing where does the customer actually get to your site, what are the different touchpoints that a customer goes through to get to your site. Then within those touchpoints, how do we message to make sure that we’re addressing the solution that a customer is looking for.

Vithya also discusses the specific marketing channels that home builders should include in their plan and the key metrics to track success.

About the Guest:

Vithya Kuckreja is a Search Engine Marketing professional with experience in both in-house and agency marketing. Vithya oversees paid search and paid social marketing for various clients spanning numerous verticals, including home builder, apparel, B2B, specialty home goods, specialty food. An experienced growth strategist, Vithya is passionate about getting results for clients, identifying opportunities that will truly make a difference, and extending expertise as part of the client’s extended team.