Podcast: Creating a Powerful Brand That Converts – Kate DiLeo

Kate DiLeo of The Brand Trifecta on the Digital Velocity Podcast

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Kate DiLeo of The Brand Trifecta joins Erik and Tim to discuss how to create a powerful brand that converts through messaging that promotes conversations.

For businesses to be prosperous in today’s market, their brand has to create a dialogue with the potential customer. Kate says,

“COVID showed us the overwhelm that its consumers were facing. So, as we come through into this new phase of post-COVID, there has never been a more critical time in this economy for brands to be clear and concise and get to the point so that they actually create a brand conversation with their audiences.”

Brand conversations that lead to revenue results are comprised of three elements. Kate explains,

“But when we talk about how do you bring your target audience to the point of conversion, the moment where they want to take the next step, click on the website, ask the next level in a conversation, your brand needs to serve up three things to get them there to have a brand conversation. What they need is first the tagline that tells somebody what you do, followed by a value proposition statement that says, here’s the reality you’re facing, and here’s how you can solve that problem. And then three, a set of differentiator statements, the one, two, three big bullets of how you’re different and better than the rest. That is actually what your consumers need to know in a brand conversation to remotely get to the conversion moment where they care to go deeper.”

A customer’s initial interaction with a brand is critical to the success of future engagement. Kate says,

“…your brand is your path of least resistance to revenue. I always say this. That’s like my shtick because I always say that your ability to tell somebody in that first 15 to 30 seconds, whether it’s website, in the room, on an ad, in an email, tell me what you do, tell me how you solve my problem, tell me how you’re different, that is the stuff, psychologically, that’s going to compel them to take the next step.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn how to establish a brand that encourages conversations with consumers.

About the Guest:

Kate DiLeo is a brand architect, #1 international bestselling author, and the founder of The Brand Trifecta, the top branding SaaS product that has helped thousands of organizations craft brands that bring more prospects to the table, more users who click, and more customers who buy. Kate’s approach is rooted in the belief that brand is the path of least resistance to revenue. She teaches you to eliminate complex and ineffective storytelling by delivering a simple yet provocative message that tells prospects what you do, how you solve their problem, and how you differ from the competition. The outcome? Brand conversations that convert. When she is not directly partnering with clients to build brands that win more work, Kate teaches founders, marketers, and sales leaders branding best practices through more than a dozen global accelerator programs and business learning platforms.