Podcast: Creating Compelling Copywriting – Ben Culbreth

Ben Culbreth

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Ben Culbreth of Culbreth Copywriting joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how home builders can create compelling copywriting that connects with potential home buyers.

Home builders often try to attract potential customers by drawing attention to their home building process’s unemotional aspects, but those things don’t really create a connection like storytelling does.

Ben says, “…when an organization or a company is looking to engage with an audience or connect with a client, I think there’s a tendency to focus on kind of the granular stuff. So, maybe that’s price or service or benefits or features, whatever that may be. But I kind of really look at a way to tell a story so that it engages someone, it captivates them…it gives them a way to connect to a company in a way that just kind of seeing the basics about what they do is not going to resonate quite the same way.”

When home builders tell a story that resonates with potential home buyers, they differentiate themselves from other builders. Ben says,

“…being able to kind of be a great storyteller gives you an opportunity to place yourself in the mind of a prospect or a client in a way that most people are not doing right now.”

One of the best ways for home builders to produce effective copywriting is by asking previous customers about their perspectives and experiences. Ben explains,

“When you’re able to kind of combine including the customer experience and their words as well as the behind the scenes in terms of process, I think you can really kind of put together a compelling narrative for a website, especially, that’s going to resonate with people and also help you so much with that creative. You know, when you’ve got words and ideas coming at you from other places, that’s not just to your own head, you’re going to start to see some movement there in terms of what you’re able to do creatively.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how home builders can sell more homes through engaging copywriting.

About the Guest:

Ben Culbreth is a content strategist and copywriter and the only one who shows up for work at Culbreth Copywriting LLC. He helps folks develop branding and content strategies and writes copy for websites, emails, and customer stories. He lives in South Carolina.