Podcast: Creating Solutions to Marketing Challenges – Christine Vangsness

Christine Vangsness of Dabbert Custom Homes joins the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast to discuss creating solutions to marketing challenges.

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Christine Vangsness of Dabbert Custom Homes joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the importance of creating solutions to home builder digital marketing challenges.

Digital should be the most substantial aspect of home builder marketing. Christine says,

“Marketing is a well-balanced diet. You have to have a little bit of everything, but we all know digital is our meat and potatoes.”

Digital marketing approaches will constantly need to be tested and evaluated, and as such strategies will need to be adjusted frequently. Digital marketers cannot be afraid to have conversations about tactics that weren’t as successful as planned. Christine says,

“Don’t be scared to talk about the hard thing because those are the things, guess what? We have to talk about to be better.”

No matter what the reason is that creates the demand for changes to strategy, home builder digital marketers must identify difficulties and then form solutions to move forward in a positive direction. Christine says,

“Find the problem and just create a solution. The biggest thing in marketing right now.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about finding ways to handle home builder digital marketing obstacles.

About the Guest:

Christine was born and raised on the vast plains of South Dakota. this spirited soul was nurtured amidst the rugged beauty of a ranch. From a young age, she learned the values of hard work, resilience, and the joy of living close to the land. Those early experiences instilled in her a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty and the importance of community.

After pursuing her passion for graphic design and advertising, Christine embarked on a career that spanned over two decades. Her journey in the marketing industry was marked by creativity, dedication, and a genuine love for connecting with people. Her ability to weave narratives and build relationships became her hallmark. However, she yearned for a new challenge, leading her to the realm of home building six and a half years ago. Transitioning seamlessly, she brought her marketing expertise to this domain, adding a unique touch to the storytelling and artistry of marketing new construction homes. Her keen eye for detail and understanding of customer needs propelled her to excel in this industry.

Despite the professional shifts, one thing remained constant—Christine’s love for forging connections. She cherishes meaningful conversations, hearty laughter, and the warmth of human interaction. Her infectious laughter often fills the room, effortlessly drawing others in.

Through Christine’s journey from the ranch to the marketing world and into home building, she embodies the fusion of hard work, passion, and a deep-rooted appreciation for both nature and people. Her story is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the enduring power of human connection.