Podcast: Customizing the Home Buyer Experience – Haley Naebig

Haley Naebig of NoviHome joins the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast to discuss customizing the home buyer experience.

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Haley Naebig of NoviHome joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how home builders can enhance customer engagement and increase sales through customizing the home buyer experience.

There is little dispute that there is a continual need to improve the customer experience in the home builder industry, especially following the unprecedented last few years. Haley says,

“Buyer experience isn’t just sales department. It’s all the way from the time that a buyer walks in. So, it’s marketing. It takes into account sales, then construction is involved. And so, we see kind of a broken buyer experience in a lot of ways. And then, of course, during COVID and some of the previous years, we kind of saw buyer experience fall to the wayside for sure.”

Even if a home builder’s customer experience isn’t completely fractured, it could be greatly improved if departments within the home builder organization worked together more efficiently. Haley explains,

“So, I wouldn’t say that it’s entirely broken, but what I see is it’s very segmented, right? These departments operate separately. There’s not a whole lot of collaboration between sales and construction. So, it’s hard to get kind of consistent communication between the builder and their buyers, meaning there’s email threads with different people, there’s multiple text message threads. Maybe the superintendent or construction manager is communicating with the buyer one way through one form of technology and then the sales department is communicating with them a completely separate way. So, it’s just a little confusing, and not super consistent during the entire process.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how a more personalized home buyer journey could boost leads and sales.

About the Guest:

Haley Naebig is an award-winning New Home Sales & Marketing Professional, known for her unwavering commitment to elevating the customer experience. With a passion for delivering exceptional service through meaningful connections, she has consistently excelled in her roles, initially embarking on her career in homebuilding as an Online Sales Counselor for a prominent builder and eventually ascending to Director of Sales at NoviHome. Suppose you’re involved in sales and marketing for a homebuilder anywhere in the United States and many parts of Canada. In that case, chances are you’ve received a call, text, video email, and numerous emails from Haley. In her free time, Haley enjoys weight training at the gym, going on long and painful hikes in areas devoid of cell service, impulsively booking flights, and hanging out with her 11-pound Cavapoo, Stella.