Podcast: Digital Marketing Experimentation and Risk – Tami Ostmark

Tami Ostmark of Hamlet Homes on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Tami Ostmark of Hamlet Homes joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how successful home building digital marketing plans promote experimenting and risk-taking.

There is no question about how important technology is in home building marketing. Tami says,

“Digital’s the way to go, and the fact that we can analyze it and there’s metrics behind it. You can see what you’re getting from it. That’s huge. And so I would just say make sure you’ve got your numbers to be able to prove your case because you can do that. And it is a really good case. The majority of your lead gen is coming from that digital marketing and you can prove it.”

Some digital marketing strategies will be more effective than others, but lessons can be discovered regardless. Tami explains,

“The majority of the risks that I’ve taken have either worked significantly and I’m still using them, or they didn’t, but they made me think about something different and so I would try the next thing a little bit different. So, I learned a lesson from it or I’m using it. So, I feel like you need to be a risk taker in that digital world and what you’re doing because nobody is an expert in this digital marketing, and nobody ever really will be because it evolves so quickly.”

Adjustments and changes are an integral part of any digital marketing plan. Tami says,

“Digital marketing is quick. It’s dynamic. You can change it tomorrow if it’s not working. You can see if it’s not working in real-time. So, there’s no reason to not try things because you can change it. You don’t want to become complacent and not be utilizing every new technology that comes out… my advice would just be trial and error is going to be what works for your company.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how important trial and error is in home building digital marketing.

About the Guest:

Tami Ostmark is the Vice President of Marketing & Design and a Problem Solver. A title she has taken with her from job to job. She has been known as the company therapist, party planner, problem solver, creator of all things equal, prize junkie, gift giver, collaborator, leader, and marketing specialist over the years. And while some may think she is the life of the party at the office or work or business functions, her most favorite place to be is at home with her family.

Tami met her husband, Cory, in Junior High School way back in 1990. He was her best friend then and is her best friend now, but just with the added title of “Spouse”. They grew up together and raised a couple of pretty cool kids together, too. Their daughter, Taylor, and son, Cameron have been the highlight of their lives and they have spent the better part of their marriage at either dance or baseball. And while they still plan to spend a lot of time with their kids (adult kids now), they are also excited about being empty nesters!

While home might be her favorite place to land, traveling is where her heart is. Bear Lake Family Trips since she was born are right up there on her list, but sometimes 2.5 hours away is just not far enough. Her parents instilled a love of travel in her when she was young and that carried through into adulthood. She has traveled and worked all over the world, and after dozens of stamps in her passport later, she plans to spend the 2nd half of her life exploring even more. Now, that would be much easier if they had a lot of money, so trips to Idaho for lottery tickets or Vegas to play the odds are also on the calendar every now and then.

She believes every moment is creating a life experience and she loves to create experiences for people. She is at her best when creating special experiences for those she works with, especially her family.

When you live life with a tattoo that says, “This too shall pass”, you know that you will get over the hard moments, but that you really need to take the good ones, cherish them and soak them up, because they will go by so fast. Because that quote was not just meant to let you know you will get through it, it was also written to remind you to take the time to live through it. Hard times, good times, whatever times.

Tami is also a teacher. If you study communications, hit her up – she might know the answers to your tests. She has been teaching on and off for many years and is so looking forward to watching those young adults and what they will do with life – the future is bright, people.

In addition to teaching, volunteering, and public speaking, Tami serves on many boards and committees. She believes in the power of her network.

Tami started her career in Real Estate, in Marketing for Wardley Better Homes & Gardens about 25 years ago. She has held some big positions at big companies, trying to break the glass ceiling and make a place for women in a typical man’s world. She was the General Manager/Marketing Director for Jordan Landing Shopping Center, Marketing & Business Consultant, Vice President of Marketing for KSL Broadcast Group, Head of Global Business and Marketing for Overstock.com and in addition to her most recent role as Vice President of Marketing, Tami is also one of the owners of Hamlet Homes.

She is proud of all the accomplishments in her work life and knows that each of them has made her a better person, and a better leader, and led her straight to where she is today. Funny how things take on a full circle in life and she ended up back in the real estate world – this time for the best Homebuilder in Utah.