Podcast: Digital Marketing Requires a Team Effort – Rachel Peters

rachel peters home builder episode 125

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Rachel Peters of Keystone Custom Homes joins Greg and Kevin to discuss why a team effort is required for successful digital marketing.

Collaboration throughout the entire home builder team is important, but it is especially valuable for the sales and marketing teams to work together. Rachel says,

“We have a sales director and a team of regional sales managers that oversee our new home advisors and we work really, really closely with them on the marketing side. We believe that there should not be that divide, and so we really fight against that natural tendency to butt heads and really try to collaborate instead and find common ground and good solutions. Our marketing team slogan is help us help you. We are here to support the sales team, and so we really keep that as like our north star as we do all the things that we do.”

Amazing learning and progress can happen as groups within a home builder company begin to work in synergy. Rachel explains,

“You start to see how all the pieces fit together. Maybe there’s some opinions that need to be shifted or righted, and having those connections and intentionally breaking down the silos allows you to become a wealth of knowledge that people outside of your department will lean on and you become much more strategic. Instead of just a doer, you have a lot of reasoning behind it and can connect the dots and provide more purpose into what you’re doing and how it fits into the bigger overall picture.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how effective digital marketing takes teamwork.

About the Guest:

Rachel Peters is the Marketing Manager for Keystone Custom Homes. Rachel began her career with Keystone as a Marketing Coordinator and has grown with the team over the past 5 years. Her passion lies in creating quality content and brand messaging that allow customers to fully engage in the homebuying journey. She also implemented an award-winning Presale Without Fail program in 2018. Rachel leads the Marketing Team with a collaborative approach, knowing there is always room to take things to the next level!

Rachel graduated from Messiah College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Marketing from Liberty University. Outside of work, you’ll find her on a trail with her black lab, Scout.