Podcast: Embracing Technology to Enhance Client Engagement – Kevin Weitzel


This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Kevin Weitzel of OutHouse joins Erik and Tim to discuss the importance of embracing technology that enhances client engagement.

Kevin describes the benefits technology can bring to retailers and their customers. He says,

“the more engaging the process, the atmosphere that digital content is on a website, the longer people will engage with it. The more people engage with it, the more likely they are to close, and if they close, then what you do is you’ve just now converted that into money, and that allows you to fund more products, more processes.”

The question Kevin constantly gets when businesses are considering the implementation of digital assets is what does it cost? Kevin answers back with a rhetorical question,

“What does it cost you not to do it?”

Kevin continues,

“How do we get past that to where people are willing to invest in themselves to make the process easier, more consumer-friendly, more educational, easy to use, and to where the data can be shared across multiple platforms?”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn how technology can improve not only client engagement but also sales.

About the Guest:

Kevin Weitzel admittedly calls himself unconventional. When you meet him, you don’t forget him. In short, he’s a lot of fun. He also possesses outstanding sales intuition with experience in several industries.

On top of his successful career in sales, he’s a former professional cyclist and Olympic Alternate as well as a highly decorated former United States Marine.

His many productive years in the cycling industry landed him a prosperous career in the Motorcycle/Automobile industry. His belief in and practice of relationship selling catapulted him from floor sales to GM of the largest Motorcycle Dealer network in the United States in less than 5 years.

Disenchanted with the auto industry due to unscrupulous business practices, he then joined the team at Outhouse and lead the team to the largest sales growth in company history since the downturn. He’s an expert in Interactive Builder Web and Marketing Content, 3D Rendering, Animation, Drafting, Matterport, and Print Marketing Collateral.